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My philosophy as a birth worker is......

The way you're born into this world is the way you continue to move in this world

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Holding Hands




Bahja has been the most supportive person during 2 of my pregnancies. Both providing support during birth & postpartum. I feel so grateful to be able to have an amazing Doula. She provided amazing support during 2 pregnancies and on top of that she provided amazing support during postpartum. I would highly recommend Bahja to anyone who's looking for amazing support person during birthing experience. She is super kind and friendly. The best thing I did for myself is to hire Bahja as a Doula.

Tahseen & Baby K & F 

“As a doula mentor I have the honor of working with a number of doulas in our community. I am impressed with Bahja's dedication to the families she serves. The compassionate, grounded energy that she brings to the birth space is something I wish every family could experience. She is a joy to be around and I highly recommend her services to any family looking to have a positive, supported, empowering birth experience.  

Shalin B.

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